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MPIP launches The Enhanced Publication Options Navigator

The new Enhanced Publication Options Navigator (EPON) has launched to expand and replace the Open Access Journal Tool for Industry (OA-JTI). The latest resource provides detailed information on open access (OA) publishing, enhanced publication content (EPC), and plain language summaries (PLS) not readily available on journal websites. Use this free and unique resource to search for publishing options from more than 450 journals.

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MPIP and the Transparency Matters Mission

Medical Publishing Insights & Practices (MPIP) was founded by members of the pharmaceutical industry and the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) to elevate trust, transparency, and integrity in reporting the results of industry-sponsored research. The major goal of MPIP is to encourage more effective partnerships between trial sponsors and medical journals to continue to raise standards in medical publications and expand access to research results.

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Transparency Supplemental Reading List

View articles on key topics relevant to transparency in the publication of industry-sponsored research.

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Transparency Matters

Welcome to Transparency Matters—a new initiative of Medical Publishing Insights & Practices (MPIP) designed to raise awareness of the importance of transparency in reporting the results of industry-sponsored research and its impact on credibility. The goal is to broaden the conversation around transparency in medical publications, promote best practices, and engage interested parties in this important mission.

At its core, Transparency Matters is a global education platform and call to action to improve the transparency and credibility of industry-sponsored research publications. The MPIP co-sponsors have created a resource hub where authors, life-science companies, journal editors, and other interested parties can find research, tools, and recommendations to help improve the level of transparency when reporting the results of industry-sponsored research.

Transparency Matters is a global effort to

  • Raise awareness of the importance of transparency in reporting the results of industry-sponsored research,
  • Encourage transparent publication practices in pharmaceutical and biomedical research,
  • Share information and best practices, and
  • Consolidate the efforts of all interested parties in this mission


Do you believe that reporting of industry-sponsored research in peer-reviewed journals should be transparent, balanced, and timely? Do you believe that ensuring transparency in medical communications represents an ethical imperative? Let your voice be heard, and tell us what transparency means to you!

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More than 1,000 people pledged their commitment to transparent reporting of industry-sponsored research.

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The Paradoxical Evolution of Peer Review
Richard Smith

Paradoxically, peer review, which is at the heart of science, is largely a faith-based rather than evidence-based activity. Peer review had been studied hardly at all until the late 1980s when the International Congress on Peer Review and Scientific Publication…

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Transparency Matters Flyer

View, print, or distribute the MPIP Transparency Matters educational flyer.



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