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Thank you for your commitment to supporting transparent publication practices for pharmaceutical and biomedical research. After you complete the form below and select Count Me In to submit, your pledge will be added to the tally on our counter, showing the growing number of individuals who are rallying around this mission. Your information will be kept anonymous and your responses will be used by MPIP in assessing demographics for our educational outreach. (See our Privacy Policy for more details.)

Transparency Pledge

I pledge to support the timely, accurate, complete, balanced, and transparent reporting of industry-sponsored research results in adherence with appropriate guidelines and ethical standards: 1) to ensure practitioners have access to full information when making treatment decisions for their patients; and 2) to foster a culture of mutual respect, understanding, and trust among authors, the pharmaceutical industry, and medical journals/editors to facilitate this process.





By taking the pledge, you attest that you are involved in the publication of industry-sponsored research and are expressing your personal opinion that Transparency Matters.

Visit our Resources page for a partial list of guidelines and standards.


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